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A once hard-core PC user contemplates the exciting world of the Mac

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Apple Community

One of the things my Mac-using friends have told me over the years is that their Mac has some of the best software and hardware in the computing world. And of course, as a PC user, I was a bit incredulous. After all, there are many more PC users and developers than there are Mac ones, right? Well, that may be, but that says nothing about the quality of those products. It might work to the Mac's advantage that they have a smaller, tighter community of loyal followers, so that developers have a better idea of the type of things users want. Two pieces of software that have been brought to my attention of Apple enthusiasts are Adium and Growl, a chat program and system notification utility, respectively. Simply reading some of the things that were said about these products makes me want to use them. And truthfully, which would you rather use, an ad-ridden AIM client or a beautifully crafted program that you can customize to your heart's desire?


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