Apple Quest

A once hard-core PC user contemplates the exciting world of the Mac

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Apple makes the best looking computers in the world. Simple as that. Everything from the computer enclosure to the appearance of the operating system is sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and downright beautiful. The new Macbook Pros are, in my opinion, the most visually pleasing laptop computers currently on the market. Everything from the superb aluminum exterior, automatic backlit keyboard, and MagSafe power connector to the magnetic clips for the screen that automatically engage when the laptop is shut, is just gorgeous.

Mac OS X is also something to gawk at. The visual themes, program layouts, color schemes, and extras such as the "genie" minimize feature all add to the computing experience. No detail seems to be overlooked. Even things as simple as icons are designed to please the eye, and are expandable up to 128x128. Genius.


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